Advanced Demand Forecasting & Planning | Skulocity

Demand forecasting

Extrapolate demand history into the future

A reliable sales forecast is a cornerstone for all planning processes. Demand forecasting allows your planners and sales team to work together in establishing a sales forecast for the future. Skulocity uses advanced time series algorithms to extrapolate the demand history, and gives users across the company the capability to review and adjust the sales forecast.

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Enhance Planner Productivity  

Get rid of the copy-pasting between Excel spreadsheets


Hat-If Scenarios  

Easily manage multiple plans and compare them.



Add your own custom fields, reports and planning algorithms.

Production planning

Finite capacity planning and scheduling

Generate finite-capacity production plans and schedules constrained by resource capacities, personnel availability, material availability and lead times.

  • Reduction of the work in progress and inventory
  • Improve the resource utilization
  • Improve on-time delivery of customer orders
  • Enhanced responsiveness to demand and supply changes
  • Improve the planner’s productivity

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Inventory planning

Correctly dimension your stock levels

Correctly dimensioning the inventory across the network is important in today’s complex supply chains. Skulocity computes safety stocks and reorder quantities for raw materials, intermediate products and end products.This helps companies to reduce the inventory costs, prevent stockout situations, improve service levels and eliminate manual processes.

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