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  • Skulocity training and knowledge transfer are some of the more challenging aspects of a successful Skulocity implementation. Because of our technology-rich approach, we are able to deliver and provide custom training and documentation for each client that is typically more effective than generic vendor training materials.  These materials reside on SKU University for reuse for current and future employees.

    As the publishers of Skulocity, we understand exactly what is required to design, produce, organize and deliver effective end-user training. This is backed by our experience in supporting ERP implementation and upgrade projects across the globe.

    Our clients benefit from our extensive knowledge and understanding of how Skulocity is used within a variety of organizations. If your internal resources are stretched, we can provide expert guidance and support throughout the process.

    Tailored Skulocity Training Programs

    Skulocity, however complex or powerful, is simply a tool. It’s the way in which it’s used that brings the benefits, and that relies heavily on effective role-based training for all employees. We have  experience developing tailored, role-based training programs that ensure end-user adoption of the system.