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Correctly dimension your inventory levels

Best choice you want Correctly dimension your inventory levels across the network is important in today’s complex supply chains. Skulocity calculates safety stocks and reorder quantities for raw materials, intermediate products and end products.
This helps companies to:

  • Decrease the inventory costs.
  • Inhibit stockout situations.
  • Involve in Grooming customer service levels.
  • Prevent manual processes.

Safety stock calculation

Safety stock accounts for supply and demand.

The safety stock is one of the lowest stage of the points in the inventory saw-tooth profile. it is required to account for the uncertainty at some point of the lead time:

  • Uncertainty about the customer demand
  • Variable supplier overall performance for every buffer, the safety stock level can be defined in one of the following ways:
  • Customer service level: Skulocity will select the most relevant mathematical distribution to calculate a protective stock meeting the service level you want to gain
  • Fixed Amount: The stock isn’t calculated but set to a default value given by means of the planner
  • Intervals of Cover: The stock will be set to the forecasted call for for a given time window

Reorder quantity calculation

optimize the reordering frequency

how frequently a replenishment need to be ordered from a dealer is a recurrent query for a planner.
skulocity can model the batch ordering of parts at any vicinity via calculating the reorder quantity the use of one of the following techniques:

  • Monetary order quantity: the reorder quantity could be calculated based at the wilson method
  • Fixed amount: the reorder will not be calculated but can be set to a default fee given by using the planner
  • duration of cover: the reorder quantity will be set to the forecasted call for for a given time window

Define stocking policies at aggregate stage

object, area, customer and time dimensions

it isn’t feasible to manage inventory rules (minimim service level, minimum roq…) at object-area stage for huge supply chains. skulocity introduces the concept of segments and commercial enterprise rules to use stock guidelines to many item-locations straight away.

  • segments are a group of object-place combos sharing some properties defined with the aid of the planner (e.g: fast transferring items in warehouses).
  • enterprise rules permit the planner to set stock guidelines to segments (minumum service level 95% for instant shifting items in warehouses.

Replenishment orders technology

Optimize the replenishment procedure

skulocity will generate replenishment orders for all item-locations for your deliver chain to meet the consumer demand. those repenishment orders are composed of:

  • buy orders: orders for your providers with a provider selection common sense implemented.
  • rebalancing requests: skulocity identifies extra stock and proposes requests to ship this excess returned to figure region.